February 05, 2012

Heading back home today after a great month on the road!!

Another sunny day in Breck with amazing people. My favorite place to ride, Breckridge, Colorado. Gone miss this place!!

Valentines day coming up, time do something special for someone you care about!!

Next up is the World championship in Oslo Norway, should be a lot of fun. I`m really excited to ride back home and have my friends and family there!!

Ciao xx


  1. Huge switch back one! I wish I would be able to do that...

  2. Good luck in Oslo! Any new tricks lined up for it?

  3. well, i WAS impressed with myself for sliding down the snowy rockies simply without falling, but your videos are killing my high!! haha ... in a good way. i wasn't able to make it to Aspen for the X Games but your pictures make it look like it was a good time. also, nice shout out to your mom on ESPN- they ARE awesome!

  4. Could we have some more pics of gramps aka Sondre Hylland?
    He`s soooo cute!

  5. Oh Silje you should post more ! I really enjoy read your blog, you're beautiful :)

  6. where did you bought the jeans coat without arms?

    And do you use a curler on your hair or is it your naturally curls?
    please answer. i really liked your coat!!!

  7. silje... you are a beautiful girl, ur smile and ur eyes are *woooow*! if u want to marry a swiss guy --- just call me ;)

  8. that is the great time to have all fun. Its great that you had enjoyed one month trip and now come back at your home.

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