June 25, 2012

Title IX 40 years anniversary

Title IX had their 40 years anniversary yesterday! 40 years of change for women in sport!! Check this out and watch some of the work going on to promote women in sport.



April 10, 2012

Nike Chosen Sessions, Montafon Austria

I had a great time with the AM`s and the Nike team last week in Montafon Austria. Big thanks to Nike for putting in so much work into this amazing park and inviting us!!

Check it out :)

SMIIILEE! Ellery Hollingsworth

Kevin Backstrom broke he`s arm (again) but kept riding and sending it!! #Badass

Matt Ladley and Ellery Hollingsworth enjoying a great sunny day in Montafon!!

Check out the park, what went down and who won at the Nike chosen session!!

Nike Chosen Session 4 - Final ReCap from Nike Snowboarding on Vimeo.

March 26, 2012

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Europen x-games Tignes, France

Welcome to x-games!!

Sleepyhead!! Tired girl after a long day of traveling from US Open!!

I stayed at this lovely little cabin with Nike, and this is what we got served for lunch everyday!! Thanks Nike!!

Me and my mom before finals!! Good to have my mom there the whole week for support, also really nice to see here again after a couple of weeks on the road.

Ready to rock!!

Tanning session at the house!!

BBQ night at the house!!

Oakley family time with Eero Ettala and Mark Mcmorris!!

Our car was packed so had to but this little babe in the back!! Ellery Hollingsworth

March 18, 2012

From one Open to another!

From Europen Open in Laax to US Open in Stratton Vermont!

Enjoy :)

Travel day in Switzerland with the ladies: Kari Opsal and Lisa Wiik

Hello beautiful Laax mountain!!

APRES SKIII!!! Woohooo

Bluebird and lot`s of people enjoying this beautiful day

Junior day: Congrats to Stian Kleivdal (12 years from Norway) taking 1st place in junior slopestyle. Stian was killing it all day, and finished off with he`s first ever switch back side 900 and won.

Space men, Grilo with kids, Ben and Jerry`s and Aimee Fuller!!

Girls shred!!

BEO Course

Kjersti Buaas celebrating making it to finals!!

Good times with the girls!! #Bluebird #Worm #Beer #chickas

Kevin Pears in the commentating booth with henry Jackson

Jamie had to skip finals because of a bad knee. Here getting support from the best team manager in the game Mr Jon Weaver!!

After a great week in Laax next stop was Stratton Vermont!! Traveling is not the most fun thing in the world, but this sushi and Ben and Jerry`s smoothie made my day a lot better :)

US open practice, Stratton mountain. Photo: Kara Rennie

Ståle Sandbech was bummed he forgot he`s sunglasses at home and coulden`t look as cool as these two!! Roger Kleivdal and Tore Holvik

US Open podium, congrats to all of you!! Stoked for Kjersti Buaas and Ulrik Badertscher, both taking 2nd place. GOO Norway!!

Girls podium: 1st Jamie Anderson, 2nd Kjersti Buaas, 3rd Enni Rukajarvi

Mens podium: 1st Seb Toutant, 2nd Ulrik Badertscher, 3rd Seppe Smits

Bye Veromont, next stop Tignes France and Europen x-games with the cool chicks: Spencer O`Brien and Cilka Sadar

February 05, 2012

Heading back home today after a great month on the road!!

Another sunny day in Breck with amazing people. My favorite place to ride, Breckridge, Colorado. Gone miss this place!!

Valentines day coming up, time do something special for someone you care about!!

Next up is the World championship in Oslo Norway, should be a lot of fun. I`m really excited to ride back home and have my friends and family there!!

Ciao xx

February 02, 2012

Winter X-Games in Pictures

Welcome to my one week bedroom!!

Start of Winter X-Games slopestyle course

The girls, getting ready for night practice! :)

Aimee Fuller, Kjersti Buaas

Pose betches!!!

The beast aka the big air jump!!

The Oakley boys, Jacob Wester and Staale Sandbech

Staale Sandbech and Ulrik Badertscher getting ready for night practice under the lights in Aspen!!

So happy for my girl Kjersi Buaas getting 3rd place, you killed it girl congrats!!

Someone is exited to be in Aspen!!

Aimee Fuller enjoying the athlete lounge!

Possum Torr

Spencer O`Brien