October 07, 2011


Hintertux, Austria early season. I`m in Hintertux with the Nike 6,0 team, it`s been sunny and worm for the last 4 days and we been having a great time.

Check it out :)

Tanning time with the girls

Team trip!! Sage Kotsenburg, Keving Backstrom and Spencer O`Brien

The boss, Mr Jonathan Weaver enjoying an after shredding tan session

Happy faces, Lisa Wiik and Elin Bjørkum

Someone has been working out this summer, well done Lisa Wiik

Tux big line. The park has 2 small jumps, 2 medium jumps and 2 big ones. It`s also some fun jibs and rails. Good park for everyone to start off the season

Jamie Nicholls killing it, as always!

Hello there, Kevin Backstrom and Jamie Nicholls

Kari Mæland, Lisa and Elin stoked on their way down from the mt after a great and sunny day riding

Kiss me??

Sarka aka sharky

Spencer got a new friend, love at first sight

Birthday dinner with the girls, happy b-day Lisa!!


  1. Yo Silje, here's 3 reasons why I'm begging you to pick me
    1)I'm going into my 3rd season as a dedicated female rider and can't afford a new board as I'm putting my savings towards my season pass!!!
    2)I ride an apo isis 2006 which is battered and bruised and I feel this board isn't going to take me where I want to go
    3)I would do the board justice, pull new tricks out the bag and push myself so hard to make it worthwhile!! PLEASE PICK ME!!! It would mean the world!!!

  2. I'm gonna chuck in a 4th reason because I want it that bad
    4)It would make my entire season!