October 11, 2011

Bad weather and down days in Hintertux

I`m still in Hintertux, but it`s been bad weather for the last 4 days and the mountain has been closed. So I have been spending lot`s of time at the gym with the crew, a tennis match went down on saturday and a shopping day in Munich..

The sun came back today, and it`s suppose to stay sunny the whole week. So if you`re not in Hintertux already you should get here asap!!

xoxo Silje

Surf workout class with the Nike 6.0 team!!

Candy shop in Munich, yummy!!

Elin Bjorkum and Spencer O`Brien on a shopping mission in Munich

Anka from pleasure magazine showed us around in Munich city. Lot`s of culture and beautiful churches..


Dancing Queen Elin Bjorkum

Jon is stoked on our visit to the Onboard office!!

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