January 22, 2012

Getting ready for my first Winter X-Games in Breckenridge

Happy girls in sunny Keystone!

Kjersti Buu Aas, Chanelle Sladics and Kari Maland

Fireplace, suits and Ben & Jerry`s!! Life`s good...

Awe, how cute! The quicksilver boys got new thermals, Fredrik Austbo and Ulrik Badertscher!

Torgeir Bergrem, tired after a long day of riding in Keystone!!

Happy kids in Keystone with Elin Bjorkum

And happy kids in Breck, with Emilie Evensen

It`s nothing better then the fireplace after a cold day at Breckenridge mountain! Charlotte Van Gils

It`s all about looking good in the lift lines.....This lady is defiantly getting outfit of the day!!

Gym time with coach Thomas Harstad!! And what he`s doing is not wired at all......

This is what chicks does on snowy days off, getting our nails done!! Woohooo


Girls night in the house!!

Emilie Evensen

Elin Bjorkum

This babe, Elin Bjorkum is ready with the Norwegian flags for Winter X-Games in Aspen!! Gooo NORWAY


  1. I love your hair, Silje! Is it real or do you have extantions?


  2. Thank you, no extensions!! Just been saving for a while :)

  3. looks epic silje

    good luck on winter X



  4. Røyker eller snuser du Silje?

  5. Kan jeg spørre hvilket merke jakka de er? :)

  6. Hey!!! :)))

    Please answer!!! Your hair is so beautiful and nice!! do you have extensions? if you have - which one??? :)

    and your jeans coat without arms, where did you bought it?

  7. ps; haha, sorry!! The question i asked about your hair, wasn't the first. thanks!

  8. hei silje..heier på deg her i kongsberg:-)...du gjør byen vår stolt.stå på:-)

  9. Må bare få si at det er utrolig morro og se deg kjøre ! Sinsykt talentfull ! Og Desidert den peneste kvinnlige snowboard kjøreren jeg noen gang har hat æren av og se på ! :D

  10. Hey Miss Norendal,
    ...um I don't know if thats the right way to ask but:
    I write to you because a friend of mine is like your biggest fan. She really admires you.
    If she has to wake up at 3 a.m. to see a challenge with you're participating in she does (timezones you know, via livestream).
    She reads every post of your blog & checks your twitter all the time.
    She also has a poster of you in her room (;
    You inspire her & she loves the way you ride your board.
    That shouldn't sound like a totally obsessed Justin-Bieber-Kiddy-fan; she's 15 & she hates him.
    Jenny's just a fan (okay, a diehard fan c;)
    Anyways I'd like to give her a special present- of course an autograph of her favorite athlete (:

    I hope that this is possible! Would mean the world to her!

    So let me know if you could make it happen (: Or if there's an autograph address out there.
    And sorry for my bad English, I'm from Germany

    1. I searched everywhere but I didn't found an autograph adress. I'm a fan too.
      Is that possible Miss Norendal?

  11. complimenti...bella e brava, saluti dall'Italia

  12. many many many greets from germany to norway or where ever you are.
    nice to see someone like you. your boarding style is fantastic. you`ll have a great future in this sport. i wish you good luck for the next years, lady.
    one day you will be europes finest ;-) and now rock the mountains....

  13. Is getting an autograph possible Miss Norendal?

  14. What kind of beanie do you wear?