November 05, 2011

And the winner is....

It`s been super hard picking out a winner, you all had lot`s of great comments, and I wanna thank you ALL so much for your comments and nice words. I love the passion a lot of you have for snowboarding, so keep shredding and have fun! :)

Here we go, the winner is:

Oda Brudevoll Hagen

Hey Silje. I'm a 15 year old snowboarder from Norway. You are a great idol, and having your board would be unbelievable cool. Last season I almost broke my leg (brista lårhalsen) as I failed while riding at Oppdal. . That ruined the season. As I fell I also destroyed my old Burtonboard. I'm not sure if I'm gonna have a board this season and it kills me. Snowboarding is my passion, when I'm not riding the board I'm working at Savalen Skisenter. I'm the only girl and the youngest, but the people there are great. They treat me like I'm one of them. I don't think I have three really good reasons why I deserve it, but ey. It's worth the try. You inspire me.

Have a great weekend everyone, and again thanks a lot for all the comments.


  1. Herregud, satt på do når jeg leste dette, HAH. fikk så hastverk at jeg løp ut av badet uten bukser! sjokkert. tusen, tusen fantastisk takk!

  2. youtube : Nike 6.0 Cribs with Elena Hight at 0:30

    You look like a bitch, mhh just sayin...