March 21, 2011

US Open in pictures!!

1st Enni Rukajarvi, 2nd Jamie Anderson, 3 Silje Norendal

Woop woop!!
Mark Mcmorris

Fredrik Austbo and coach Sondre Hylland!


I know you want me!!

Hot chicks at riders dinner!!

Mark Mcmorris

So scary!! We climbed up and figured getting down was harder then it looked!!

Spencer O`Brien
Sage Kotsenburg and Possum Torr

Ready to shred!!

Freddy and Roger Kleivdal

First day with qualification got cancelled because of bad weather, all the boys where tired after a long travel day the day before so they all feel asleep at the cafeteria.

The weather was really bad the first couple of days, lot`s of ice everywhere!!

Xoxo, Silje

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