January 23, 2011

Rip Curl Sista Sessions

The last 2 weeks had been crazy, so much stuff going on. First O`neill Evolution in Davos then Burton European open in Laax. This week was a bit of a chill week, but still I had a photo shoot and another competition.

I been in Mayrhofen for the Rip Curl Sista sessions the last week and it`s been great. Here`s some pictures from this week during sista sessions is Mayrhoffen.

1pl, Silje Norendal, 2pl Tini Gruber, 3pl Elena Konz

Tini Gruber killed it all day, with Cab 180 up to the a down rail, super nice frontside 360 and ended her run with one of the cleanest backside 540 I ever seen. Well done Tini and congrats.

Smile to the sun!!

Rip Curl sista sessions 2011

Doing park laps with Aimee Fuller and Tini Gruber

Gopro, Aimee Fuller

A beautiful day in Mayrhofen!

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