January 16, 2011

Burton europen open 2011

Pictures says more then words!!


Photo: Daniel Rönnbäck
Pipe qualification, photo Daniel Rönnbäck

Slopestyle semi-finals, ended up getting 4th place in the final. Check out more photos from the open on http://danielronnback.blogspot.com

Welcome to Laax and the Burton Europen Open 2011. Lesley Mckenna and Aimee Fuller

Afterski time, Aimee Fuller and Jordie Karlinski

Aimee Fuller check out my shades

Woop woop!!
Simen Neraker, Jamie Nicholls and Atti Holst

Fat kids on the run....

Mimmi Sandström all the way from Sweden, enjoying the sun in Laax

Jonathan Weaver, trying to be G!!

Tor Lundstöm and Jamie Nicholls enjoying Nike 6.0 team dinner!

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