October 27, 2010

London baby!

Saas Fee has been amazing, as always. I love going back to Saas Fee every year, but after 2 weeks in the small kinda boring town, is`s time to leave. I`m off to London and London Freeze. I went to London Freeze last year and had the time of my life, so exited to go back. This year I have an big cover shoot and a 6 page interview with Cooler magazine. Super stoked. Keep following my blog during the weekend I`ll post you guys with gossip, snowboarding and party picks from the Freeze and my Cooler shoot.

Here is some pictures from last years London Freeze. xoxo

1 comment:

  1. You're amazing! I always wanted to practice snowboard but where I live(Buenos Aires, Argentina)there isn't snow, but it's great to see you on tv. One question: where can i get your top photo but in color? :) Thank you Silje!